Friday, October 16, 2009


View from across the estuary to the Thompson Residence at AV 90

Finton Construction Mexico (FCM) is very proud to announce the completion of our first custom home. It is located in Aqua Viva in Loreto Bay on Lot AV 90. The home is for Bill and Julie Thompson from the Seattle area. It was completed in just over a year...on time and on budget! Congrats to Bill and Julie who have shown a commitment to Loreto Bay community by forging ahead with a high quality, high performance energy efficient green home with all the high standards of construction that FCM provides. This is important for the Loreto Bay community that high quality homes are being committed to and being completed. We have 3 more Custom Homes in construction nearing completion and 2 more new homes will be getting started within the month. This is good news to all homeowners in Loreto Bay.

Bill and Julie Thompson enjoy with Greg Gordon their first soak in their new solar heated hot tub!

View from the courtyard out to the estuary
Congrats to our Mexican construction team and Loreto based Nativos Construction. Congrats to our on site Construction Manager Greg Gordon and architect and supervisor Ulisses Espinosa, and to our team of Mexican architects and construction supervision staff in our Loreto Bay offices. We thank Bill and Julie for their confidence in our team. They were our first clients and we are particularly proud of the fact that we delivered on our promise to them! Yes, that can happen in Loreto Bay.
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