Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Client Testimonial: Shenton Oh, AV Lot 176

After assessing the progress, the quality of work and the details that go into a custom home we were very impressed with the care and process that went into selecting subs, construction processes and transparency. Besides the open book accounting that I am used to nothing was left out and nothing was unaccounted for. Congratulations! a great job! With my background as consultant in setting up, building and improving efficiencies in free standing Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and having built a couple of homes in difficult regulatory and physical situations for our family, I can unconditionally recommend your services! I can say without hesitation that the team of Shubin and Donaldson and Finton Construction of Santa Barbara are the best I have seen in the building business and by far the best in Loreto Bay. It would likely take some time for other builders to train and build up a team of this proficiency that works so well with the Subcontractors. We are so glad we had this team build our home and allow us to become part of the team!

…Shenton Oh, MD MBA CPE

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