Monday, March 16, 2009

Finton Mexico Partners Meeting in Loreto Bay

I just got back from a very enjoyable and satisfying 4 day trip to Loreto for a Finton Mexico Partners Meeting. We had construction team meetings with the construction partners, with our main subcontractors, made site visits and toured custom homes under construction with our clients. It was great to see the remarkably superior construction quality of our homes compared to other construction in Loreto. We are achieving our goal of building homes with a quality comparable to the work we do in Southern California ….but in Loreto Bay!

Kinsey Carpenter owner of FN 445 (neighbor to our home at FN 446) came to Loreto to see the progress on his home (FN 445) and Bill and Julie Thompson came down to see the progress on their home at AV90 Other architectural and construction clients came down for the meetings including Alan Axelrod (FN 434), Terry Burnham (FN 214), and Glen Hilbers (FN 436). We had an open house at our offices and a dinner in town at the new Mision Hotel More on those happenings in other posts.

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